Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Few Paragraphs

How is it even a thing that St. Cloud needs to resist dividing? What the fuck is going on up there? First off, those rednecks that were driving around Somali neighborhoods waving the confederate flag and shouting racial slurs didn't change because of the stabbing on Saturday, they woke up like that. They have woken up with ignorant, racist views in their minds every day for probably most of their lives, it just took this incident to bring out their true colors.
They woke up like that, and they'll go to bed like that.

Second, if anybody actually believes this guy was affiliated with ISIS, then I say we really don't need to be living in fear of our lives from foreign terrorists anymore, do we. They must have lost their shit because in three separate attacks, no intended targets were killed. I think the people that should be/are living in fear for their lives are unarmed black males. They've known that for some time now, but the media has finally been covering it for a year or so now.

Listen, I really dreaded coming into work on Monday because I knew it would be a hot topic. My racist bosses dissecting the murder scene and finding a way to make it the fault of the victim. "Well I would never get shot by police because..." It's the same rant every time this happens, which seems to be every few weeks these days.

That's my whole post. I'm at work and I can't find much time to write, even on my breaks.

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